About Us

Welcome to BBQ Ring– the blog where we talk and discuss anything barbecue!

If you are like us who adore the smoky, juicy goodness of meat being slowly cooked over indirect heat, then this is definitely the place for you. Barbecue has come a long way since it first started centuries ago. And there’s no denying that it has become a worldwide thing.

We’re pretty sure that everyone has different styles of barbecuing. This is the very reason why we decided to come up with this site; to share with you our knowledge from planning your barbecue parties, prepping up your areas for barbecuing, setting up the apparatuses, to grilling one of the best barbecues you’ve ever had.

We understand that just like you, we are also amateurs finding the best ways to perfect (or at least be close to that) this craft. We want to prepare only the best barbecues to our beloved families and friends and are hopeful to receive the best compliments from them. We understand because just like you, we love the fun, the knowledge, the experience and the great memories barbecuing brings to us, and we are more than pleased to do this exchange of knowledge, passion, and experience with you. We figured that by doing this, we (the contributors of this website and the readers) get to experience the joy barbecue brings. After all, this is not just a hobby; this is a way of life. If this blog could help you in any way, then we’d consider that a great accomplishment. We can guarantee you that we are just as enthusiastic as you are in learning more about barbecue and applying these experiences in reality.